About Cultivating Clicks

Cultivating Clicks is young SEO agency. It’s primary focus is  helping small businesses understand SEO and apply it to improve their websites production.   We do this with good old- fashion foundational roll-up your sleeve work that is required in order to create a sustainable long-term outcome .

Our company was founded by Jack Ikhtiari Sr in 2021.  Jack was building websites for clients in west central Wisconsin.  Primarily in the communities of Black River Falls, Neillsville, Hixton, and Osseo.  He noticed that some of his clients were hiring SEO companies with shady practices.

These SEO companies would show clients they ranked #1.  But the problem was they were ranking for key phrases that had virtually no volume.  Which means even though it might rank #1, there were little to no clicks.

Jack wanted to change this.  He started Cultivating Clicks to help educate his clients and help them with their SEO efforts.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a consultant, every small business with a website to some degree should be performing Search Engine Optimization.

Our Guiding Principles 


Skipping the foundational work is like a farmer not preparing his fields before planting.  There are no shortcuts to resolving the technical issues, choosing qualifying keywords, implementing a content strategy. 


For sustainable long-term success we adhere to Googles Best Practices also known as White Hat SEO.  Doing things the right way can be more difficult and take longer but will pay dividends year after year. 

Hard Work

Constantly data mining for new phrases, tweaking content, building authority, with continous measuring can feel like a grindstone.  But that’s what’s need to keep harvesting your SEO efforts year after year.