SEO Services

Our Sole Focus is on these Vital SEO Elements

Monthly SEO Audits

An initial audit of your website will reveal any technical issues preventing you from ranking. 

We’ll evaluate the:

  • website performance
  • crawlability
  • mobile readiness
  • website errors
  • slow pages, and more. 

We’ll also recommend solutions for any serious issues needing immediate attention.  Then we’ll continue to monitor each month to ensure the website technical issues improve.

Key Phrase Analysis

In-depth research and analysis of keywords is the foundation for any successful SEO campaigns.

Keywords are the most important element for ranking organically. These words are the phrases that Google uses to connects searchers to what they are looking for.

We’ll uncover:

  • keywords with the best opportunity for ranking in the top 10
  • phrases with the best opportunity to produce conversions
  • keywords from your competitors 

Competitor Analysis

It’s important to know who your strongest keyword competitors are.

We reverse engineer their content to understand:

  • The keywords they are using to be successful
  • What Page and Heading titles they are using
  • The length and quality of their content..

The aim is to understand their best elements and innovatively incorporate the those elements into your website.


Content Strategy

We’ll take a look at what you already have for content to determine alignment with targeted words found in the key phrase and competitor analysis.

Then we’ll start the repeated process of tweaking, optimizing, and tracking to increase websites visibility.

It’s a continuous improvement loop where we:

  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Propose changes to achieve desired outcome
  • Measure outcomes

Authority Building

Google measures how many quality external links are pointing to your website for the term searched.

The thought is that if you have many people linking to you for a key word phrase than you must be more relevant than say, someone who has less links or none at all.

The more people who connect to your website the more likely Google is to give you a higher ranking.

Our job is to find high quality relevant sources that could benefit from linking to your website.

Transparent Reports

We will not pummel you with 10 pages of automatically generated data. 

We believe that reports should be simple yet effective in communicating results.  That is why our reports read more like an executive summary.   

Each month we’ll provide you with:

  • A project status overview
  • List of completed tasks
  • Keyword rankings
  • Website traffic
  • Current authority
  • Plan’s for the next month